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David Morris

Mount Ogden Gaming Company

 Lead producer and writer 

David has loved the storytelling and friendship that role-playing games foster. Dungeons & Dragons has been like a dear friend to him since the late ’80s. Whether playing alone, with friends and family, or strangers he has loved sharing his words with others and exploring their worlds as well.


As a D&D Adventurers League Local Coordinator, David worked with Derek Gray and Dave Knighton to discover and mentor great DMs to support Wizard of the Coast’s organized play program. While coordinating for local stores and assisting Rocky Mountain RPG Guild in providing rich experiences for thousands of gamers, Wizard’s created the Convention Created Content program. After his initial adventure, Rumors of Riches, David decided to form a company to provide over site and planning to the CCC adventures he and other writers worldwide were creating for RMRPGG events. 

David has helped to produce more than 30 AL adventures as well as the Khyber Khronicle, an Eberron periodical. You can follow him on Twitter @mountogdengc

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