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For the last several years, with the help of many great and talented individuals, I have had the amazing opportunity to publish adventures that you can pick up and run yourself. 

For me writing is a great escape and an opportunity to share my love of Dungeons and Dragons with everyone. 

Pick up an adventure today and please feel free to leave a review. 

The Khyber Khronicle


Welcome to the Khyber Khronicle, a monthly publication of all things Eberron updated to the 5e ruleset. Within these pages are short encounters, lore, monsters, and DM resources that can be used to drop into almost any existing campaign in conjunction with the Wayfinders Guide to Eberron!


Festival of Stars

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During the last Festival of Stars, a local priest named Sorrim tried to dedicate a shrine to his god Ilmater. The offering was shunned and Sorrim prayed upon his failure, learning that a past wrong must be made right to earn Ilmater’s blessings.

Sorrim and the S.A.L.T Consortium have called upon adventurers to assist in righting this wrong

Legend of the Sword Bandit Surprise!

A priest of Ilmater seeks to right an old wrong to please his god. Will you trust the whims of hags and journey through time to find out what when wrong during the Festival of Stars?


A Two-Hour Adventure for 1st-4th level characters

Let's Find the Sword, GO!

After learning that Daern’s Blade, a relic that had protected the town of Hawksroost, vanished centuries ago, Sorrim requires assistance in locating it. An old halfling adventurer has learned rumors of the blade hidden within the Vanishing Hills. These same rumors also say that it may be guarded by something ancient. With the Festival of the Stars only a few days out, can the blade be found and returned in time?

A Two-Hour Adventure for 5th-10th level characters 

Star Sword, Return!

With less than two days until the Festival of Stars in Hawksroost, Daern's Blade is still missing, but the adventurers are en route to its resting place. Are they truly prepared for what they find?


A Two-Hour Adventure for 5th-10th Level Characters

The Unholy Alliance 


The Darkness Never Forgets

Part One of the Unholy Alliance.

Oriel Phoenixfeather, the old halfling shopkeep from Hawksroost, has gone missing. Her granddaughter and the leaders of the SALT Consortium have sent out a call for adventurers to investigate the disappearance. A danger brewing to the north of Hawksroost, however, may make this search-and-rescue more dangerous than the party had initially planned.

Across Eberon: Convergence Mainfesto

Across Eberron: Convergence Manifesto, plays out over thirteen parts as the characters–all members of the Clifftop Adventurers Guild–crisscross the continent of Khorvaire to retrieve items and magic associated with the thirteen planes of Eberron and their associated manifest zones. What purpose these items serve is a mystery to be revealed…


Across Eberron is edited by Wayne Chang, Laura Hirsbrunner, and Anthony Turco, along with executive producer Keith Baker, as an Eberron community project and written by ture fans of the Eberron campaign setting.

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