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we're all dave here

August 8th & 9th

Welcome to the first annual DaveCon Online. 2-days of online RPG gaming, bringing our wonderful community together to do what we do best; play games and raise money for a great cause. 

What is DaveCon?

A few months back, after what had already felt like an eternity locked inside, the idea of getting our gaming community together for a big BBQ to hang out and play some games in person was presented. Sadly, here we are, still separated and watching each of the cons we love to attend canceled one after another. We just couldn't stand not doing what we do, so we present DaveCon Online. Under the Wing Gaming, Rocky Mountain RPG Guild, and Mount Ogden Gaming company have come together to give our wonderful community a chance to play your favorite RPGs

What's The Price?


We miss being able to offer a place for our community to come together and play the games they love and all of our GMs are offering up their time to do the same. While all games are open to anyone till seats fill up, we are asking for donations. Like all events we run, this will be raising money for an organization that we believe in. DaveCon Online will be raising money for the ACLU and anything you can help out with would be appreciated, whether it's a simple dollar amount or through our re-roll option.  

How Can I Play?

We are working with some of our amazing GMs to set up games available to play online. If you're looking to join us, head on over to the Discord server we have set up, read through our Code of Conduct and look for the channel to link you to the TableTop site to schedule your game. 

Can I Run A Game?

OF COURSE! We would love for you to come join our family of GMs. If you'd like to run games with us, join the Discord group and reach out to the Admins. We'll add you to the GM Channel.

Who's Dave?

In short, We're All Dave! For anyone that has had a chance to game with us at one of the amazing conventions over the years throughout Utah, you've probably heard the ongoing joke. For those that haven't, make sure you join us so you too can hear the story. 

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