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Rocky Mountain RPG Guild

Derek Gray

Lead organizer

Long time enthusiast of Dungeons & Dragons. His love of tales lead him to study folklore at the Utah State University, home of the Fife Folklore Archives in Logan Utah.  The experience sparked his creative desires.  

With the release of 5th edition, it was evident that there was a strong desire for a group that could field a coordinated, high quality, and welcoming experience at local conventions.  


As a Regional Coordinator for Dungeon & Dragons Adventurers League, he worked with local DMs to bring high quality games to conventions with over 75000 attendees.  After the Coordinator program was shelved, he went on to found Rocky Mountain RPG Guild, where he still works with many talented DMs, GMs, and other individuals to bring a safe, inclusive, and fun environment of gaming to every convention attended. 

Among his credits are Narrator, Game Designer, Adventure Writer, Convention Organizer, and Regional Coordinator for Dungeons & Dragons Adventurers League. Follow his organization the Rocky Mountain RPG Guild on twitter at @RockymtnRPG

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